Ligeværd is an NGO including a number of organizations that in different ways are working to improve the possibilities for young people with special needs in terms of education, jobs, social life and housing. The memberorganization DHI (the holistic efford) works with projects to support young people with special needs in cooperation with companys, schools and unions. FUS (association of traningcenters) and SL (association of schools) are offering training and education to young people with special needs and are entrepreneurs in projects for educational developments to this special group of young people. LL (nationwide organization for parents, relatives and professional caretakers) works with the political conditions for people with special needs. BUS (fund for housing and development for citizens with special needs) works with homes for people with learning disabilities, autism, ADHD, mental and social disabilities or mentally ill. UFL (Young people for equality) is an association for young people with special needs with clubs all over the country to provide the possibilities for them to have a social life and making friendships. Helveg-fonden (Helveg Fund) is as a fund that assigns economic support to projects that are targetted to help and support people with special needs.


Esben Kullberg

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