Testing & Focus Groups

The material will be tested by:

Testing workshops integrated into partner meetings

Workshops on test and validation of the project deliverables will be integrated into each partner meeting and reports compiled. Themes being tested are:

  1. Denmark (*Dec 2012), hosted by GAIA: Content, with an emphasis on what constitutes a good practice for the publication.
  2. Spain (May 2013), hosted by Debajo del Sombrero: Needs analysis, with an emphasis on the adoption of the project's methods in Spain. This came about through a need established at the K/O meeting.
  3. Sweden (Sep 2013), hosted by Elderberry AB: Content.
  4. UK (March 2014), hosted by Herbert Art Gallery & Museum (HAGM): Training resources including e-learning platform.
  5. Belgium (Sep 2014) hosted by Autism Europe: Dissemination and exploitation.

Specific user testing

HAGM will prepare two test workshops in the UK specifically targeted at end users to test the publication, e-learning platform and live training course:

  • A one-day testing workshop aimed at vocational trainers, arts and heritage professionals, employment agency staff, local government VET's etc.
  • A five-day work experience testing programme working specifically with young people. This will be in partnership with Hereward College, a national specialist FE College specialising in learning for students with disability and with VET's from Coventry City Council's Young People's Directorate.
  • This will involve HAGM VET's and other staff testing the effectiveness of the training products through working in a live testing situation with young people with disability, who will also feed back into the process.

Specific focus groups with professionals

The first of these will be held on September 5th at the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum and will be focussed on e-Learning materials.

Anybody interested in participating in this or a future focus group should contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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