A Pedagogical framework has been developed based upon the special needs training activities of GAIA. This work is closely related to the VETPRO training course. We have carried out research into training methodologies for special needs through the cultural sector and this has resulted in a "good practice publication" highlighting associated pedagogies throughout Europe. We have conducted a needs analysis in order to define the framework and functions of the training course. We have generated content for the curriculum in the form of a series of training courses, that will be used in the testing phase through to finished and validated deliverables. We have also worked closely with the technical developers of the on-line material to provide content and supply constant feedback for the web-based functions of the project. A content workshop is available for the collation and editing of the trainer notes including the translation to all partner languages.


Count Me In Training Programme

Who is this course for?

- Vocational trainers and teachers in the cultural sector.

- Managers of education programmes in the cultural sector.

- Human resource managers in the cultural sector.

- Individuals wishing to learn more about working with people with special needs in the workplace.

- Managers and staff in cultural organisations.

- Charity staff wishing to offer work programmes for people with special needs in the cultural sector.

- People working with Outsider Art artists.

When and where is the next training course?

8th to 15th May 2016: Aarhus, Denmark

7th to 13th May 2017: Aarhus, Denmark

13th to 19th May 2018: Aarhus, Denmark

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European credit system for Vocational Education & Training


Course Documents:

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